The Optimal DEX Aggregator

Smart Order Routing across multiple blockchain protocols, 50+ Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and hundreds of token pairs, delivering ultimate savings to users

Dex Aggregation Advantage


Decentralized exchanges are built on smart contracts and allow for permissionless listing and swapping of tokens, providing unlimited access to onchain assets.

Best Rates

Odos searches hundreds of DEXs and thousands of liquidity pools in order to find the combination of swaps that provides you the best rate.

Self Custody

Unlike centralized exchanges, users maintain full control over their funds when swapping on Odos, eliminating third-party custody risks.


Odos’ smart contracts are audited by third parties and transparently execute your swap on-chain, enforcing the utmost security and keeping your funds safe.

The Ultimate Path for your Swaps

Odos Smart Order Routing (SOR) utilizes a unique proprietary algorithm to search significantly more complex (non-linear) paths through an unlimited set of connector tokens.

Our smart contract optimization ensures these paths can be executed without compromising on gas costs. As a result, Odos is able to find the ultimate path for any swap, delivering significant savings to its users.

Atomic Multi-Token Input Swaps

Odos is the first Dex Aggregator to allow users to swap from multiple tokens into one asset in a single atomic transaction. Effortlessly swap a basket of input tokens into the desired output all at once, saving on gas costs and limiting market volatility. Clean up the dust in your wallet and save!

Cross-chain Arbitrage

Odos arbitrage tracker (formerly computes optimal arbitrage for over 30 million paths in real time, allowing its users to monitor and analyze cross-domain Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) opportunities.

Odos API New Level of Trading

Take institutional trading to the next level with Odos. By connecting your trading algorithms with our API, traders can optimize their order routing and take advantage of custom multi-asset swaps and other features.

Reach out to discuss your enterprise API needs and our solution.

Integrations and Partners
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